How do I set activations and spots?

I am new to SOTA and would like to activate a summit. How do I go about setting alerts and spots?

and then go to …

New alert is at the top of the page adjacent to the “New Activations” text… very similar for the SPOTs page…

Suggest you join the Yahoo NA SOTA group also…

Richard // N2GBR

Spots don’t always work. If you aren’t getting answers to CQ SOTA once you are on the summit, use your HT on a local repeater to ask people to listen for you on 146.52. Repeater QSOs don’t count for SOTA, so you need to make them on simplex.

On my last summit, the bands were not in good shape, so I only got 3 HF QSOs. I asked on the repeater and had some nice simplex chats to finish the activation.


Hi Gary,

In case your question was how to use alerts and spots, I suggest you read the advice for activators at Summits on the Air which explains how to activate, and how to use sotawatch alerts and spots.

In addition, I have published a FAQ for SOTA on Summits on the Air in Australia and that has similar material.

73 Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH