How can I update my account callsign please?

Hi, I registered as M6OET - I am now 2e0OET…

I’m hoping to go on my first activation in the next week or so.

Can anyone tell me how to update my account please?



Which one? :slight_smile:

On here, I’ll do it for you. You may get an email telling you what to do to activate the new name. You’ll login as 2E0OET.

On the DB, well if it was working, you log in and change it yourself.

For SOTAwatch, create a new account.

Congrats on the upgrade. A suggestion, when you get your Full Licence, drop the OET and get something “dotty”. You may have no interest in Morse now but may in the future. M0OET (if it’s available) will sound as bad as my MM0 prefix does!

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Many thanks, but I doubt my tastes will change. MOET is my favourite tipple!


Ah, that was simple.

As long as you are aware on the call. I’d love something that doesn’t sound like a stuck dash paddle!

Damn… someone has already taken the G1N short contest call! :frowning_face:

DB1ER auch. :beer:


I got my ‘A’ license (MM0ALC) when living near Glasgow in the 90’s. I found all those boring dashes in the prefix would hex my straight-key sending and mess up the ‘ALC’ part.