Hotondberg ON-022 today

Thank you to all we worked today. 61 contacts in total. Several good friends came to say hello. I was pleased to return the favour to several other activators for once: G1INK, G6WRW, GM0AXY, GM4YMM, LA1TPA …

Best quote of the day: I forgot 2E0PXW’s first name (sorry Barry) and asked it again. But he did not hear me. Another station said: “He wants to know your name, Barry.”. Little did he know he was 59 here himself, hihi. I suspect Inky…

Weather was a bit chilly but all in all a nice day out.

This hill is a pleasant stroll. We parked our car away and walked to the summit. But you could activate it right next to your car. As you can see on the picture with Ghis, ON5NT he drove right up to the activation point.

We worked 17 DXCC, all in SSB except 2 contact in PSK. This last mode will need a little more preparation but it can easily be done.

A few pics can be found here: peter destoop | Flickr

And now on to G/SE !! Our first multi summits activation.

73, de Peter, ON3WAB and Lieven ON4CVL.

In reply to ON3WAB:

I suspect Inky…

Steves On The Air! Right name wrong suspect ;0)

Little did he know he was 59 here himself.

Who ever it was they might have had an idea seeing how you were up to 5/9 by then from 5/7 when I worked you.

Great to work you both today, now to catch you from G/SE.

73 Steve GW7AAV Who is always game for a laugh.

Well we had a good laugh about it , Steve :).

The working conditions were a Rybakov vertical ( made by Lieven ON4CVL), Icom 703 and 10w. So pretty chuffed with the results.

Cu saturday! 73


In reply to ON3WAB:

How long radiator and counterpoise did you use with the antenna?


Hi Zoli,

These are 3 inks to the Rybakov antenna.

Yesterday the reflector was 7.60m long with no counterpoise, but the antenna would not tune on 80m. Then we attached 4 counterpoises and still no joy on 80M.

By the way the Spots SMS worked fine,Zoli, and is a really interesting help for SOTA activators.