Hot weather in central europe

These days the weather in central europe is very challenging. Yesterday in DL we had 36°C and the forecast for today is the same. At the moment it is already 25°C. So I just want to encourange all the activators especially in DM, DL and OE. Just have a look to the list of alerts!
I hope you can qualify for the points, and you will have enought contacts, for not having carried all the equipment nothing to the top.

For me this day will be a lazy day. In a few minutes I will queue up to all the other tourist driving into the Alps. Hopefully I can hike to a small summit, having my towel and my bikini in the backpack. And if the weather does still allow, I’m going to jump into one of the lakes nearby this summit. Because unfortunately the weather forecast anounced heavy rain, hail and thunderstorm for the evening. But we will see!

So this post is also for all the chasers to cheer all the other activators which are doing a hard job today.

Hope to hear you on the next summit,
Jana DG5WU

In reply to DG5WU:


whatever you decide to do today…exercise caution as the storms we had yesterday evening (still 16,000 houses left without electricity in my region alone) hit us quite hard, hail the size of golfballs and very spectacular lightning (49,000 impacts recorded) is heading towards Germany now…

The one good thing is the temperature has dropped to a reasonable 20c opposed to the 35c we had on friday and saturday afternoon before the storm passed through.

Stay safe people

73 Adrian

In reply to F5VLY:

Yes the hot wheather becomes unstable and that happens more likely in the afternoon than early in the morning. Thus better to wake up early and try to finish the activation before noon.

An other danger for long term health is the intense UV radiation. Thus you need to use sun cream, hat, sun glasses and have enough water to drink. A scarf (foulard) can be used to protect the skin on ears and neck area.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

In reply to F5VGL:

The frontal system just passed my area. Hevy rain, thunderstorms and a temperature drop of more than 15C! There is no severe damage here, as far as I can tell from home.

Stay safe!