Host address for SOTA Watch

I lost the host address for SW that I need for DX Labs Spotcollector. Can any one help?

Tom NQ7R

Hi Tom,
I guess @MM0FMF, @VK3ARR or some other SW guy from the MT or from the SW Team.
I have included their callsigns preffixed by the @, so they should be reading this message now and providing you with the right answer.


So, sotawatch is, but are you wanting the cluster run by Andy?

I think it will be the cluster Andrew,

Yes, that is it. Thank You.


I don’t know if you are familiar with DX Labs Spot collector or not. It connects with or monitors various DX clusters to pick up spots. This is one of the error messages I get from Spot collector: Winsock Error # 11001 - Authoritative answer: Host not found @ 8/7/2018 1706. I also tried entering your cluster into my browser but I get a "… took too long to respond: message. I would assume the problem is at my end but I am running out of ideas. I am not a IT guy.
The advantage of using spot collector is I can select a call and it goes directly to my logging program.
If any other SOTA people use DX Keeper with Spot collector I am open to suggestions. Tom NQ7R

You’ll get that if your computer cannot resolve the IP address from the host name. So either you have entered the data wrong or there is something up with your PC and its internet connection.

The cluster is at and listens on port 7300. Make sure you enter the details correctly.

That will not work, it’s not a website. At best you may see part of the welcome message but mostly you’ll find things just don’t do much.

That’s OK. The problem with a lot of these things is that you get an error message but if you’re not a computer person the error message doesn’t make sense. They only make sense to people who understand what is happening “under the hood”.