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Horrible HF!


I was looking forward to a few points today but HF seemed to have other ideas. First contact of the day was on 7mhz CW with Klaus DF2GN, no problems. After that it went downhill. Anything inter G was virtually impossible for me. The usually reliable 5mhz gave me only one contact with Charlie PZO at 13.30utc and that was tough. Other than that I heard next to nothing. 3.5mhz was the same, next to nothing audible and certainly not workable.
The highlights were 2mt FM contacts with 2W1IPS Xian on MW-001 and a first qso with Nick MW0RAR on SW-001. Still, can’t have it easy all the time I suppose.
How did everyone else find conditions?


In reply to GW3BV:

Hi Quentin

HF conditions today were much the same here on the Yorkshire coast - pretty abysmal.

There was not a whisper of Klaus on 30m at 0900 but I did manage a contact when he moved to 40m, due entirely to his extensive antenna system.
30m did recover later and I was able to catch OE3KAB/3 there at 1300. The only other station heard was DJ3AX/P on 40m at 1400, but Lutz he is always a good signal with his 15 or 20w. The remaining HF CW stations were totally inaudible. Today was a day when 5w to a standard antenna did not make the trip, especially on 40m.

But tomorrow is another day…

73 Roy G4SSH


In reply to GW3BV:

I had a cracking day Q. Started with DF2GN/P on 40m cw, John GW4BVE/P on 80m ssb, OE3KAB/3 on 30m cw,DJ3AX/P on 40m cw, OE1HFC/8 on 40m cw, G3TJE/P on 60m ssb, GW0PZO/P on 60m ssb and that’s just the HF stuff add to that 6 contacts on 2m and 1 on 70cms for a total = 59 chaser points.
I agree HF was a tad dodgy but stuck hard at it.

I called you yesterday as per our sked, but 60m was evil and no reply, will try again tomorrow.




In reply to GW0DSP:
Thanks for the fellow feeling Roy and I hope you’re not rubbing it in Mike!
:wink: My antenna “system” is rather poor so less than ideal conditions+lousy/lossy antenna = less fun I suppose. (30ft of wire at 8ft in a dogleg) Such is life.
I certainly got a lesson in the value of CW though as Klaus’s signal on CW was easy to read but on ssb I could only just tell he was there.
Sorry about Wednesday Mike, I did send you an email but it was a short notice mercy mission. Tomorrow should be ok, conditions(family and propagation) allowing.


In reply to GW3BV:

No way, certainly not rubbing it in Q. You asked a question.
Just wrkd OE1HFC/8 again on 40m cw, just to make sure, bad qrm earlier.

I only have a half size G5RV + a 5mHz dipole which will also tune up on 80m with the atu, also have a 5 band Hustler vert which I never us much.
My qth has a hill under it which helps a lot, especially at vhf/uhf.

Will call you on cw sked tomorrow and maybe get you and Steve to have a go, but go gentle with him, he is still very nervous.




In reply to GW0DSP:
Only pulling your leg Mike, we all have to cope with our QTH’s as best we can! Sadly my qth also has a hill, its just in the wrong place!!!
I will of course be gentle with Steve but I wouldn’t be suprised if he leaves me standing!
Talk to you in the morning


Found conditions very bad here on 40m pretty much all week now. Had hoped to work Klaus this morning but couldn’t hear anything; usually he’s s7 to 8.

Signals on 60m were also not so strong as I am used to

But we keep hoping :slight_smile:



In reply to GW3BV:

Hi Quentin,
thanks calling me this morning on DM/BW-14.Nice Signal from you with your wire-antenna.Peaking up to real S9 on my meter.Also nice CW-sigs from you, - easy to read . My antenna setup today was 22m-wire as a endfeeded inverted V.Highest point abt. 13m over ground.the rest from the length to the ground was nylon-rope.used three ground radials with a length from abt. 10m. Propagation in the morning seems not to be best.on 30m i made only 3 qso´s . With GM4FAM,SQ8LEI and EI7CC.On 40m the regular chaser´s in cw es ssb.but also only 22 qso´s cw/ssb include a s2s with G3TJE/p on G/WB008.Fine ! on 80m also bad props,only 3 qso´s with HB9 and DL.hpe tmrw better conditions.will take two antennas with me :wink: so i can chose best antenna for the conditions on summit ( trees , place … )

hpe cuagn on summits…

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN