Horizontal hand helds

After a chat with G0RQL few days ago after we tried chasing a welsh Sota, mentioned he asked a Sota op on 2m FM only to turn his hand held horizontal and of course signals increased big time. :scream:

I did this with the Operator on G/DC-002 and signal shot up from S1 to S8 both ways. Now myself don’t have vert on VHF at mo and tend to stick with Hoz beams. BUT if you want a chance to increase distance and possible gain more contacts whilst up the summit. Is either take beam and use SSB 2m OR now and again turn the hand held side ways, Hoz. In other words and turn you self now and again if your running 2m FM only via hand held could benefit further distance contacts. :hushed:

Something worth concerning when next up the summit running only a 2m FM hand held:wink:

Its not extra weight to carry and small adjustment to how radio is held can make a big difference especially when other party’s is using Hoz beams. Just because its 2m FM and has to be Vertical polar why not give it a go and go Horizontal as well Vertical.

Give it a go it may surprise you :slight_smile:

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Hi Karl

Around VK1 and nearby VK2 peaks we have been experimenting with the horizontal placement of a HT antenna for about 4 years and the results are all positive. Horizontal polarisation has less attenuation than vertical polarisation, this has also proven to be the case in eucalypt forests where vertical polarisation often fails.

Many in VK1 are advocates for horizontal placement of the HT antenna, broadside to the receiving or transmitting station.

73 Andrew VK1AD


I have done entire 2m SSB activations with the FT-817 (before that the FT-290R) and its whip laid horizontal on a suitable post or the trig point. It certainly saves on packaway time! :grinning:

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