Hope no confusion abt. RBN spots on 15.apr

Hi friends,
on the 15.april i´m on dm/bw-046 “plettenberg” summit for longer time. i want to build two more linked dipoles, one only for higher bands. and the wx forecast is very good with much sun at monday. so why not build these antennas live on a summit ? :slight_smile: so it can happen that i call on a band, and then on the next band only after longer time. will try to make my first antenna a-b test with switching antennas. i also set up my multi-triple leg to work out a compromise antenna for quick activations.
and RBN network is a very good indicator for that, but i have to call on two different qrg´s in one band for short time. i will stay then on second qrg !
if anybody have a problem with that, because there are many spots from me then on the reflector. and this can make confusion or problems then.
please write me if its not ok ! no problem then…i use plan b :slight_smile:
first i try to switch in receiving mode and hope thats enough to test the signal in listening only. or i ask after worked most stations for a short test.a few test will follow then the next days,weeks…but all on weekdays…

SSB info : after the cw part on 20m and 40m its good to look on 7100-7135 and 14270-14290. if i post ssb info in the alert i will call in ssb directly after working cw on each band. maybe i can reduce the self spotting.or maybe a cw chaser can spot the info about qsy to ssb then,i do after the qrs calls.

if i do ssb or psk31 on other bands, i selfspot if phone net available…

vy 73 and hpe cu on plettenberg

Klaus DF2GN/p