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Hope Mountain yesterday


I dont know why, but Id never activated Hope Mountain before until yesterday. I sought the necessary permission from GW0DSP Mike & headed West.
On the way I activated Raw Head G/SP-016. I dont like this "hill" at all - too many trees, private land notices, but Id not done it this year so it was worth a point. 24 contacts on 5/7Mhz.

Next stop was Connahs Quay to get my passport stamped. I must have looked hungry as a Sunday roast was provided :wink:
Mike kindly drove me up his hill & I set up for HF close to the commercial transmitters. “Interesting” contacts in the log included a GM on Sanday Isl in the Orkneys on 40m & HZ1GW on 20m, an ex-pat Welshman in Saudi Arabia.
A leisurely activation netted 50 contacts on the following bands :-
60m ssb - 14
40m ssb - 13
20m ssb - 9
10m ssb - 4
2m fm - 9
70cm fm - 1

Thanks to the ft857, no CW was needed ;-))
Thanks to Mike DSP for the food amd transport & to Barry M3PXW for the spotting service. By the way, the breakthrough on 2m from the commercial masts is the worse Ive heard on any hill. Apparently in the new A.R.M. it is going to be renamed Rabbit Hill as theres bunnies everywhere.

73`s - Steve G1INK looking forward to activating in DM/BW wed,thur,sat.


In reply to G1INK:

Hi Steve

It was great to meet you yesterday Steve and activate Hope Mountain with you. Anne sends her humble thanks along with a ticking off for her pressie, there was no need, but she much appreciated your kind gesture.

Moel Gyw next time? and maybe Beef roast, unless midweek, hi.

Photos on Flickr now Steve.

73 Mike GW0DSP


In reply to G1INK:
That’s ok Steve. always happy to help out…

73’s Barry M3PXW :wink: