Hope Mountain farm / access

Looking at activating Hope Mountain. Reading the reports getting permission from Mr Bannister is the key.
Is the the farm I need to aim for to get access?



That’s not the Hope Mountain you are looking for!

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John, I’m puzzled by your map. You seem to be centred on a much lower subsidiary summit which is not in the AZ.

Search for it on https://sotl.as or www.sotamaps.org

I think I have spotted my mistake…I was in the wrong place. I should be lower down the map! I did the daft thing of relying on GoogleMaps to put me in the rough location.
No wonder the info in other posts didnt quite make sense!

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I should have been down here

Hi John,

If you take a look on https://sotl.as the farm you are looking is this one


Interesting comment :

Good SOTA and good cakes :joy:

73, Éric

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Thanks Eric.All sorted now.

mmm good cakes :slight_smile:


Summit activated. Pics to follow!

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John did you get some cakes ? and a herd of heifers following you ? :smiley:

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No cakes and no heifers. A couple of puzzled horses looked on as I strolled passed them.
One semi-sighted dog came to say hi.

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Blimey is that mutt still alive? I think it’s been there every year I’ve done Hope Mountain for SOTA right back to 2003!

Still alive and saying hi. Does’nt like to be stroked.

@m1eyp - When you were operating from GW-NW/044 earlier (14:23 in my log) I was parked up at IO83MF

Glad the dog is still alive.
When I activated the summit earlier in the year people were out searching as it had gone off on an adventure and hadn’t come back at the agreed time.


Ok Obi Wan…