Homebrew Push down Paddle

Hello dear SOTA mates,

it all started back in January this year, when I received an unexpected letter in my mailbox:

It wasn’t a standard QSL card but my dear friend Luc ON7DQ added a couple of spare relay contacts on a cardboard in the letter to encourage me building a new paddle, what a surprise!

It seems this older project made him plan this nice gift for me.

After evaluating what kind of paddle to build with them, I decided to improve a past experiment with paper clips:

This time, a new version could be done with the professional looking relay contacts!
But to make things even more interesting I thought:
What if I build a left hand version and keep my right hand free to write my log?

This is the result of the project: the light Push down Paddle is born!

To see it in action look at the video:

I was very lucky to find and work Ed DK1WI so easily on my first try of this paddle. Thanks Ed.

What paddle will I build next? I’m running off ideas… or not? :wink:

Thanks Luc for providing the parts. That is real ham spirit.

VY 73 de Ignacio (now ambidextrous !)


Great job Ignacio !
Keep on “inventing” and building …
73 Luc, ON7DQ

Hi Luc,

I just weighted the paddle: it is 8 gram for the paddle and 23 gram complete with cables and plug. Not bad!

I thought I should give a name to this new key; the SoTapping is born!

If you want to send some more material I promise to develop new concepts.

This international collaborative project recalls me a famous closing scene:
“Luc, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship” :wink:

73 de Ignacio

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