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Home from Corsica!

Arrived home from Corsica at 22.30 last night.
A very succesful trip. 7 activations including the 1st, 2nd. 4th & 7th highest peaks ( Monte Cinto, Monte Rotondo, Pag;ia Orba and Monte D’Oro)
Found a gem of a 1 pointer TK/TK139 Monte Senino with interesting meandering route up some steep ground! 42 points. Maaged to get all planned activations done plus a couple of others!

My CW is definately improving! All contacts were on CW using my PFR3 / 5 watts to an inverted v dipole. I had the FT 817 with me as a spare but it never came out of the bag! I like the PFR3 / CW, definatley the way to go!

I worked 40 & 20 meters. Most activations lasted about an hour, it was a long way back to the car! Occasionly the weather (thunder storms) led to a quick activation then fast retreat! Managed to be well clear of the tops when storms broke unlike a very near miss in the Pyrenees last year!

I had taken 3x 2.2Ahr LiPo batteries. Only really needed one! Started out about 12.4 v and after all the activity it was down to 11.3 v.

Thanks to all you chasers who worked me. I continued working whilst I couldhear anyone. Got my first contact from a summit across the pond with N4EX! The pile ups were difficult but I seem to be getting the hang of things! At first when the pile up hits it is great because I know I will get the summit activated however it is very difficult picking anything out of the din sometimes! I am sure I will get better at this with practice.

When I have a little time I will write a fuller report. Right now I am in Fort William in the Highlands (a 07.00 start from home!), I had hoped to get out for an activation this evening but it is raining… so instead I thought best use the time to update the database and write this post!



In reply to MM0DHY:
Congratulations Adrian and tnx for the QSO from Monte D’Oro.
I will send you a short audio recording of the activation.

I had a nice trip round GM and successfull 3 activations - tnx again for your support! Report will follow, when I am through the abt. 3000 pics - hi.

73 de Chris, OE3CHC

In reply to MM0DHY:
Hi Adrian,

Well done on your 7 activations ! I was on holiday in Wales so only managed to catch your last activation. It was quite funny - I had the FT857D rig on 14 CW from a previous QSO and was having a shave in the bathroom. I heard you calling CQ and I rushed out still with shaving foam on my face to answer your CQ! I think I was first in your log for TK-007.

73s Andrew G4AFI

In reply to G4AFI:
Hi Andrew,

Yes you were the first in the log for TK/TK-007. I think I only put out the one CQ call! Thanks for rushing out with the shaving foam on!

It was a good trip and I am very pleased with the number of activations. Got a few more Corsican summits planned for another trip in a year or twos time. It is a great island.