Home again from AL-159 (TI-544)

Hi everybody,

many thanks to all chasers + spotters and apologies for any confusion that might have arisen by my “one summit - two refs” activity this morning. Additionally, after I had just sent an SMS to Spotlite, a station began to cq on the frequency I just had spotted :slight_smile: so I was forced to move. Thanks to Roy for spotting my new qrg!

Temp was +2°C when I left the car in the village of Zöblen, it became remarkably colder on the summit, with fresh, dry snow on the ground so it must have been at least slightly below zero. A northeasternly breeze made it feel even colder. Luckily the sun got through the clouds every now and then and kept my fingers motile. The neighboring summits like OE/TI-457 and DL/AL-157 have all received fresh snow during the last days, but that should not become a problem for the Activity weekend, as long as the temperatures do not drop furtherdown bringing larger amounts of snow.

73 and thanks again

Bernhard DL4CW