Holyday in Tirol OE/TI

Dear readers,

Here some details of my activations during my holyday in Tirol.

20 September:
Trying to go to the Wildseelodergipfel OE/TI-416, but at top station of the cable way it was raining, so we decided to go back to the middle station and walked back with sunshine to the hotel.
Instead we made a tour by car to the Hochkogel OE/TI-574 at 1060 m. Just asked permission at the restaurant, stepped over the fence and walked 100 m to make it “SOTA” and being on exactly the top. I never used the 25m rule so far. Space for dipoles as long as you want.
After that we had time and battery power over to go to the Buchensteinwand OE/TI-566. We went up by cable car and walked in 10 minutes to the top at 1462 m. Amazing location for my antenna, cliff going several hundreds of meters down. Best is to use a verical, but dipole is posible. So we had an easy day. Both second activation after local Andy OE7AJT/7.

21 September:
Large trip to Grossglockner High Alpine Road, saw lot of SOTA mountains at few kilometres , however they are for real mountaineers, that’s one of the reasons why 85% of OE/TI is not activated yet.

22 September:
Successful and very beautiful tour to the Wildseelodergipfel OE/TI-416, the route of 8 km took us 8 hours. From 830 m to 1645 m to the Larchfilzkogel by cable car, than walking about 200 m down !!! and up again to the summit at 2119 m. Last part bit difficult. Best to use vertical, or your dipole will be very inverted !! Only space for few people, but not busy. First HF activation, before that activated by Andy OE7AJT/7 on 2m.

23 September:
Made a easy trip by car and cable car to the Kitzbüheler Horn OE/TI-461 at 1996m. Easy but $$$ to get the points. Lots of space, but busy location. Better use verical. 5th activation.

24 September:
With cable car to 1668m, than to 1896m by foot to the Steinplatte OE/TI-507, took 1 hour. First part is easy on a road, last part climbing with hand and feet. In begining busy with singing group and group of schoolkids. Two high locations with a cross, both possible to use, the left one is bit higher. Good setup but not much reply on 7118(6 qso’s in 40 min.). Best to use vertical. Activated before by OE/PA0HRM/p in 40m CW.

25 September:
Last day of the holyday, so we wanted to keep it simple. However the target OE/TI-569, the Reisenbergköpfl at 1362m was not assessable by car. We had to walk from 751 m to 1635 m instead. Took us 3 hours. The summit is hard to find on maps and is only a hump between all the 1700 m+ summits around it. No signs, so used GPS info and Google Earth map info. Nice view at the TV-tower on the Kitzbüheler Horn OE/TI-461 (1996 m).Transmitted abt. 20 m under the summit, on top is a ski lift station (in winter). Space for dipoles as long as you want . New activation.

Thanks to all spotters, you are needed very much for high qso rate and saving battery power, and of course all people who called me !!

Results in 6 day’s:

OE/TI-574 36 qso’s SSB 40m (1xS2S)
OE/TI-566 17 qso’s SSB 40m (1xS2S)
OE/TI-416 51 qso’s SSB 40m (2xS2S)
OE/TI-461 27 qso’s SSB 40m, 12 qso’s SSB 20m incl. 2x USA.
OE/TI-507 6 qso’s SSB 40m
OE/TI-569 24 qso’s SSB 40m (1xS2S)

See my OE/TI- photo’s at

Also 2 sets of DM/BW- and set of PA/PA-005.

73 de Hans OE/PA3FYG/p

Hi Hans, beautifull pictures from OE country, what kind of antenna are you using there ?
I should post my pictures to from my first and second aktivation ever
maybe soon.
73’s de PD2PC

In reply to PD2PC:

tnx Patrick,

On al trips I am using:

FT897D abt. 50W
12mtr fishing rod vertical with 13mtr of wire.
3 radials about 15mtr.
Automatic antenna tuner SG-239, 12V abt. 200mA.
7AH 12V SLAB (solid lead acid battery). I can make more than 50 qso’s with this battery, sometimes used it on 2 summits.
In fact reports are often very good, so power can be reduced.

73 de Hans