Holidays in Austria - Request for suggestions

Hi All,

My XYL and I are planning a week long stay in Austria at the and of August, around Sankt Wolfgang area. Our base will be in a small town of Gosau.

We are looking for some suggestions of hiking trails with pictures views and cute huts/alms. Of course SOTA opportunities are always welcomed but not necessary.

We would like to limit ascent to about 500-600mtr and no routes with safety chains as we are not that fit and accomplished in hiking. Easy walks but through interesting places would be also good for day of rest.

Any suggestion what to see and visit apart from mountain summits are also welcomed. Thanks in advance.

73 Marek

PS. We travel by car so we will be mobile.

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Hi Marek,

Obvious choice is Höhbühel SOTLAS
Take the cable car (Gosaukammbahn) from Vorderer Gosau lake up and have a short walk there. Huts and views available

Other cable car supported summit is Krippenstein SOTLAS
15 min from cable car to summit. Plenty of options to walk around on the alpine plateau. Views to Dachstein OE/OO-001 - the highest summit Upper Austria with it’s glacier.

RuĂźberg OE/OO-394
Could also work with you 600m ascent criter. But I have not been there so I don’t know about the path.

Not too far to drive:
Follow gravel road and a path up to the summit for great views to lakes and mountains alike.
About 300 m ascent from parking at 47.65421,13.63919

(Don’t follow the blue Klettersteig signs- That is a via ferrata)

Those are the SOTA choices.

A walk from Vorderer to Hinterer Gosausee is kind of mandatory.

From the same parking (Vorderer Gosausee) you can walk in about 1h to the hut Ebenalm.

Most popular site for finding information about hiking there:

There are also phone apps bei Bergfex for finding hiking options.

73 Joe


Hi Joe,

Thanks for recommendations, they have been passed to the Planning Department :wink: for approval.

Actually I should mention that after seeing couple of your videos decision was made to come and visit this part of Austria. We have been skiing in Schladming, Saalbach, Alpbach and Ishgl, but never looked at hiking till now.

Hopefully we will have QSO.

73 Marek

Thank you Marek for the kind words. I hope you will enjoy your vacation in Austria.
Let us know when you plan you hikes / post an alert. I am sure a lot of people will want to work you.

Btw. especially if you are at higher summits like the Krippenstein you should get good results with 2m FM. (For that summit move a bit away from the repeater station near the summit lookout. I have seen handhelds becoming deaf up there. e.g an 817nd is doing fine at some meters distance.)

Maybe others will come up with suggestions. It depends a bit if you are planning to visit other areas for example towards Salzburg or Linz. There are plenty of options on the way there too.

Pretty sure other recommendations will follow.
73 Joe

Hi Marek,

Movies made by Joe are very unique, same as Joe himself.
I have the honor to know him personally. Don’t waste your chance :wink:

73, Jarek

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Hi Joe, great looking accommodation spots after looking at the links. Makes me want to visit there from VK.

73 de Geoff vk3sq

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Hi Marek,

these are my suggestions:

OE/SB-216 - Schafberg 1782m
Easy access by train all the way up to the summit

OE/SB-245 - Wieslerhorn 1603m
OE/SB-251 - Windkogel 1547m
Drive up the Postalm toll road, easy hike!

OE/ST-140 - Bräuningzinken 1899m
Drive up the Loser toll road, easy hike!

OE/SB-257 - Zwölferhorn 1521m
Cable car almost to the summit!

Hope you have a nice stay in the Salzkammergut region!

73 Martin, OE5REO


You should consider visiting the famous town of Hallstatt and the old salt mine:

Visit the historic town of Bad Ischl and go up the Katrin cable car (no SOTA):


There is a road going to 1820m on the Stoderzinken (OE/ST-103):

From there it is a leisurely 20-30min walk to the summit. Set off early and park at the Steinerhaus Parkplatz:

     73 de OE6FEG

Hi Matt,

Many thanks for plentiful suggestions. I think I will need to extend my stay LOL.

PS. One more question is there preferred frequncy for SOTA calling on 2m band? For example in Poland we call on 145.550 as all chasers are always listenning to it so there is even no need for a spot.


73 Marek

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In Styria we use 144.550 a lot, but you might be too far north to reach those chasers. Better to bring a light Yagi and a mast than worry about frequency; FM goes a very long way from these summits :grin:.
73 Matt


Matt I have noticed that from your spots (and the 2m bandplan allows it) but from my point of view most activators in OE6 (Styria) use 145.550 FM or 145.525 FM.
Someone in OE6 is playing band-police and overrunning activators with a strong carrier when operating longer time on 145500 FM
For OE5 (Upper Austria) it is not seen so much as a problem but after 5 or 10 minute usually QSY up or down especially on a weekend is recommened.
OE5 has some very active chasers like Heinz OE5HDN and Franz OE5FSL even on weekdays.

Gosau is close to the Styrian border so a QSY to 145.525 FM sound like the best choice.

73 Joe


I’m sure you’re absolutely right Joe. I only dabble in FM very occasionally and there is a small local group that hangs around 144.550, so I get to talk with the OMs I know from this area. However, for a normal activator, the frequencies you recommend are definitely the ones to go with.