Holiday SOTA activations within OE/TI and DL/CG

I’ll activate some summits within my holiday QTH “Kössen” (Loc:JN67EP) between December 30th 2012 and January 05th 2013. A few of the following summits are planned to be activated (maybe not all of them):

OE/TI-573 - Horauer Spitze
OE/TI-570 - Brennkopf
OE/TI-665 - Hochköpfl (would be first activation)
DL/CG-005 - Breitenstein
DL/CG-001 - Geigelstein
OE/TI-667 - Rudersburg

Detailed ETA information will be published on the alert page soon.

vy 73 de DK3CW Jakob

In reply to DK3CW:

Jakob, you have posted to the German language part of the reflector so many people may not see your message.

73 Steve.

In reply to G1INK:
Thank you for the info, Steve.

vy 73 de Jakob DK3CW