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Hohwildsberg DM/BW-766

Today the Hohwildsberg DM/BW-766 was to be activated. From the Lipple car park I got on my bike towards the summit.

Here you can see the summit from the path.

On the way to the summit I could see over the fog cover and enjoy the view.

Here you can also see the summit Blauen (DM/BW-018).

At the Summit. Directly in the forest.

At the top the antenna wire was stretched and 40m SSB started. Many known SOTA friends came into the log - thanks! A short change to 2m to reach Roman @DL3TU - unfortunately it didn’t work :frowning: Then I continued on 20m CW.

Meanwhile I heard someone in the background. He was coming towards me. A hiker? I recognised him right away - from the profile photo in the Reflector :slight_smile: It was Armin @DL6GCA who spontaneously visited me at the Summit.

We had a nice chat with a “Hopfentee” :wink: :beers: and presented our equipment. Armin had his QCX and accessories with him. Super compact and very light. Then it got dark and we walked back to the car park together.

A nice activation up there. The weather was fresh and foggy towards the end. And a nice surprise with the visit. Thanks Armin @DL6GCA and many thanks to all the chasers who worked me! :+1: :wave:

73 Marcel DM3FAM


Thanks for trying, Marcel :+1:
It would have been nice to have a QSO across a distance of 130 km, but later - by looking at the map - I learned that at least Feldberg was in the way. So no luck this time on 2m FM.
Looking forward to our next QSO :wave: :beers:

73, Roman


Thanks for the contact Marcel.
Best 73

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Marcel and I have so often had a qso… but had never met in person.
When I read yesterday afternoon that he wanted to be active on DM/BW-766 in an hour, the decision was quickly made.
I shut down my office PC, went home to get warm and grabbed my QCX.
On the way, I kept thinking, I hope he’s still up there. :sweat_smile:
When I saw him on the summit an hour later, he (unfortunately) recognised me immediately. Otherwise I would have played the evil forester. :wink:

Surprisingly, Marcel had two beers with him… Too bad for the rest of the chasers!

73 Armin