Hohwildsberg DM/BW-766 currently closed for pedestrians

Yesterday afternoon I spontaneously wanted to activate DM/BW-766. What I had not reckoned with, shortly before a cross-country ski trail had been set up.
In order not to destroy this, there is usually a ban on pedestrians from cross-country ski trails in the Black Forest.
Please keep to it.
Unfortunately, there is no other access to this summit.

I wanted to activate then alternatively the Blauen DM/BW-018.
When I wanted to set up the alert, I saw that Jürg @HB9BIN is already there.
I then simply drove to visit him… but have renounced an activation. The Blauen is in my neighborhood…There are more opportunities. :wink:

If you want to activate a summit in the Black Forest in winter, you can find out here whether your path might lead across a cross-country ski trail.

Loipenportal - Südschwarzwald …The map is unfortunately not complete

73 Armin


Thanks for infos, Armin. Is there also a map on winter wildlife protection zones for your region?

Tnx and 73, DIZ

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I am not aware of a general overview map.
I always stick to the signs, such as on the path to the Köhlgarten DM/BW-010… where you can also bypass the upper part.

73 Armin

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Thanks Armin for your information!
I didn’t take that into account, but more as @HB9DIZ pointed out, the wildlife protected zones.
Have fun and 73 Stephan

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@HB9CEV and @HB9BIN were on the Hohwildsberg yesterday. I had visited Jürg after my cancellation on the Blauen and told him about the closure.
When we had a S2S yesterday, I had assumed that he is up with skis…

No… As he wrote to me… there is another way! :sweat_smile:

*"From Kaltbach over the ridge and traverse the forest trails 5 to 6 times. See below the picture or in the supplement the track. *
Arthur did it even without snowshoes. Distance 3.8 km, altitude 268 meters, about 1 hour hiking time"

73 Armin


Hi all

thanks for all the informations. In Kaltenbach we studied the park panel and couldn’t find any indication regarding wildlife zones… :evergreen_tree: :chipmunk:

73 Arthur HB9CEV