Hoher Raschberg, OE/OO-396

Sorry for the short activation and my clumsy keying today from Raschberg! I had troubles with my touch sensitive paddle. I know that it does not work properly in sub-zero temperatures. That’s why I carry a mechanical paddle as back-up. But somehow this paddle must have found its way out of the rucksack over summer. I could not find it when I needed it.

Long story short: I stopped after a few QSOs on 30m when a crowd was still calling. The garbage keying was too embarrassing to listen to. Sorry for that. We had -7°C when I left the car. I estimate that we had about -10°C at the summit with wind and low visibility. Another motivation not to stay too long.

Attached a few fotos from Raschberg:

Sorry for the low contrast. The visibility was not any better.

View back to the summit during descent. After a major storm a few years ago all trees in the summit area are gone. This makes it a nice place for activations. Long wire antennas are not a problem up there.

Band conditions were fairly good. I had the impression that chasers are really keen to work me. With many countries in some form of lock-down there are not enough activators out and that shows in chaser intensity.

73 and stay healthy!


Really super Heinz !
Thanks again for QSO, I was working with 5 Watts on my side.
I do hope hear you very soon. and tnx for sharing.
73 QRO

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Respekt, lieber Heinz! Es ist mein “Hausberg”-wenn genug Schnee ist kann ich von meinem QTH aus auf diesen Berg eine Schitour machen. Verbindungen auf 2m sind schwierig, ein Paddle zu bedienen ist bei diesen Temperaturen eine Qual. Tnx für das QSO!