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Hochmölbing OE/ST-389 2.236 m

Just a few pictures on yesterday’s activation!

This tour starts at about 1800 m ASL at the end of a chair lift that gives access to a skiing area. The lake in the background was created to hold the water that is required for the production of artificial snow in the winter.

In order to get to Hochmölbing you need to climb Schrocken along the ridge before you can walk to the actual SOTA summit on the right which is hidden on this picture. Access to Schrocken is half walking, half scrambling along fixed ropes and a key section where I had to lift Kimo across an abyss between two rocks.

View to the other side of the valley with various other SOTA summits.

Summit of Schrocken

The path along the ridge over to Hochmölbing

On the ridge looking down

Hochmölbing OE/ST-398 on the left in the background. In the picture the peak on the right looks higher than Hochmölbing but its actually 7 m lower…

OE/ST-398 Hochmölbing at 2.236 m

I did find a rock to attach the fishing pole and managed 16 contacts on 2 m but found it hard to send out a spot for 20 m. Peter OE5AUL, however, who was activating Großer Pyhrgas OE/OO-011 at the same time at a distance of 16.6 km was able to spot me. 9 contacts on 20 m :smile:

View back to Schrocken

690 m elevation gain and 8,8 km, but a fine tour with perfect weather conditions.

Many thanks to all chasers!

Vy 73, Sylvia OE5YYN


Sylvia, All I can say is WOW! What an adventurous hike. Gorgeous views. I don’t think I can get that ambitious here in AZ. I just started chasing but hope to be a goat soon. Kimo is a beautiful animal. Take care and good luck Tom NQ7R Casa Grande, AZ

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Hi Sylvia,
beautiful pictures and many thanks for QSO 2 m on GMA summit DA/BM-048.
73 & 88 de David OK4KOP

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Hi Sylvia,

thanks for the nice report. It looks like you had a great day in the mountains.

And with Kimo you’ve a companion with very good mountaineering capabilities.

It is always amazing, how well dogs are able to cope with difficult climbing terrain. Once I had a surprising experience, when I met this beautiful dog on a summit in the Tyrolian mountains. I met him after having climbed up quite some height meters with my touring skies through deep powder snow:

73 Stephan, DM1LE


Kimo hates them and they are usually gone within seconds…:stuck_out_tongue:


73, Sylvia

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Hello Sylvia!

Thanks for:

==>> the S2S-qsos with you last saturday on 2m and 20m from OE/OO-011
==>> bright pictures from your hike and climbing to Hochmölbing.

Good luck for your final missing 56 points direction mountain-goat, this should be a matter of a few days :slight_smile:

73, Franz

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Very nice report, Sylvia! Now I know, who has stolen the sunny weather. :wink:

73, Jakob 'JP’

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The good weather came my way voluntarily, didnt need to steal it :grinning:

Glad you survived…:wink:

73, Sylvia

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