HobbyKing's $2.8 million headache

The major battery supplier also marketed drones using illegal frequencies and excess power long after receiving a cease order from the FCC in the USA, as well as ignoring deadlines over a period of 6 years of administrative action against them. During that time, their lawyer said they have no way to pay the 2.8 million US dollar fine. Sounds like huffing ‘n’ puffing. Hope so, since that company supplies my batteries, connectors and chargers exclusively.

Elliott, K6EL


El, Been using these guys for years; They are out of Berkeley, known to Herb Cane as “Berzerkeley”

https://www.batteryspace.com/LiFePO4/LiFeMnPO4-Batteries.aspx. It seems they cater to the industrial folks more so than hobbyists.

Best, Ken

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