HL SOTA online

Greetings all–

as you may have noticed in the July newsletter, Korean SOTA is off the ground and running. It hasn’t been a week yet and we’ve had five or so activations to my knowledge, so things are off to a good start for SOTA over here with the news (via many unintentional S2S QSOs) spreading!

For those interested, I’ve quickly posted a short video of my second activation on Sunday, July 4 at Bultaebong near Gwangju. it can be accessed via HL/JN-022 불태봉 Activation | HL4ZFA (ex. HL4/W2VLA) 山정상 교신 SOTA

So far most people are using 2m from the mountains (usually to collect Korea District Numbers) but hopefully soon we’ll be heard on HF, conditions permitting.



In reply to HL4/W2VLA:
Very fine Jason. Look vy humid down there!

In reply to VA2SG:

In reply to HL4/W2VLA:
Very fine Jason. Look vy humid down there!

Certainly is…about one of the only things that I find disagreeable. However, it is monsoon season, and to be expected. (Typically spring is pleasantly dry with a nice hot sun until the end of June, then things turn south…until mid September). We did have blue skies today, though.

All that said, present QTH on the ground is about 10m ASL max, so is an expected consequence of life “im Nebel” and on the coast…it was a similar situation on my first activation last Thursday (video coming soon) which was on an island in the sea.

Looking forward to those crisp fall activations…

73 de VA2VLA