Hiking FL/VO-174 and FL/VO-037 along "Chemin de la Résistance et de la Liberté"

I have reported here from time to time about summits that are a bit out of the way and less activated.

When looking at the sotl.as map for my planning, these two summits have always caught my eye. I always thought that it should be possible to combine them well.
So I worked out this trip for myself.

I parked next to the chapel at 48.30755, 7.18824. In fact, this is where the hiking trail starts, marked with a blue dot.

From the chapel it takes about 20 min to reach the Col de la Hingrie 48.30611, 7.19616

(From here I went directly to FL/VO-174, which I would not do again. I would hike to FL/VO-037 first and activate Les Trois Bornes on the way back. You save yourself a steep climb that way.)

Here the hiking trail towards Col de Schlingoutte is already signposted. It is beautiful, varied and has several information boards.

When you reach the Col de Schlingoutte, you have to continue straight ahead on a steeply ascending path. There is a sign in the direction of Rouhu but it leads in the wrong direction.
Pass this sign on the right

Rouhu is a place on the northern slope of the mountain. The summit itself is marked as “Colline de Schlingoutte”. The name of the summit should be corrected at SOTA.

FL/VO-174 is a crossing of footpaths in the forest. FL/VO-037 is a clearing with a view. There is plenty of space to set up antennas at both sites. In total I hiked for about 3,5 hours. I have posted more pictures and information in sotl.as.

73 Armin


Tnx for our S2S FL/VO-037 <> DM/HE-516
73 Chris

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Hello Armin @DL6GCA. Thanks for your report and the tips on the trails. You walked from the opposite direction than we did. Looks shorter, but steeper :slight_smile: FL/VO-037 is also on my agenda. I find the area there very beautiful and above all very quiet.

Marcel DM3FAM



Thanks for the report. I’m planning a trip tot VO at the end of april. I’m looking around for some summits. I’m triggerd by “Chemin de la Resistance et de la Liberte!”

73, ON4ROB.