Hikes to NH Fire Towers

I put together a short list of some fun SOTA hikes to Fire Towers in the state of New Hampshire. For the most part these hikes are relatively easy. That is with the exception of a few. If I have missed any please let me know and I’ll update my list.

Summit Code Name Points Location
W1/NL-002 Belknap Mountain 1 Gilford, NH
W1/NL-003 Red Hill 1 Moultonboro, NH
W1/NL-004 Green Mountain 1 Effingham, NH
W1/NL-024 Blue Job Mountain 1 Strafford, NH
W1/MV-006 Oak Hill 1 Loudon, NH
W1/HA-008 Smarts Mountain 4 Lyme, NH
W1/HA-010 Mount Kearsarge 2 Wilmot, Warner, NH
W1/HA-012 Mount Cardigan 4 Orange, NH
W1/HA-014 Kearsarge North 4 North Conway, NH
W1/HA-041 Pack Monadnock Mountain 1 Peterborough, NH
W1/HA-064 Magalloway Mountain 6 Pittsburg, NH
W1/HA-145 Hyland Hill 1 Westmorland, NH
W1/HA-152 Pitcher Mountain 1 Stoddard, NH

By the way, if you hike 5 on the NH Fire Tower Quest List you can earn a patch.

Blue Job Mountain W1/NL-024
This summit is a great place to pick blueberries. Peak months are July and August.

Red Hill W1/NL-003

Mount Belknap W1/NL-002

Pack Monadnock W1/HA-041

Oak Hill W1/MV-006

Green Mountain W1/NL-004

Mount Kearsarge W1/HA-010

Mount Cardigan W1/HA-012

Smarts Mountain W1/HA-008
There’s a tent site just below the summit. The Appalachian Trail passes over this one. It’s always nice to run into ThruHikers.

Kearsarge North W1/HA-014
You can spend the night in this one.

Pitcher Mountain W1/HA-152
How did they get this building inside the tower?
BTW, this summit is loaded with both high bush and low bush blueberries. Peak months are July and August.


Thanks Fred, great listing of towers, very useful :+1:

Geoff vk3sq

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Thanks Geoff, it’s a work in progress. Some friends found a couple I missed. The list has been updated.
73, fred


Great, Fred. You should post this to the NE SOTA club https://www.nesotaclub.org/


Nice job Fred. Very helpful information. Thank you!
Stay well & 73!
Mike, WB2FUV


FB Fred, thanks for the list! NH has so much to explore.

Vy 73 de Jonathan “JB”


Hi Chris, I’m not signed up so I’m unable to post. I’ll look into it.



Good S2S yesterday. 20m had some fading but it worked out. Thanks for the patience.

Would love to see some photos of the activation.


Matt W7MDN

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Hi Matt,

Unfortunately I didn’t take any photo’s of my last activation.

W1/NL-024 is a summit I visit often. I live about 1/10th of a mile from the trailhead and I hike it several times a week. Perhaps next time I’ll take a few photo’s.

73, fred