Hiker APRS symbol

I’m playing around with APRS2SOTA and SOTA2APRS. In programming my Anytone 878 HT, I tried to create the Hiker APRS symbol using “H” for APRS Symbol Table then “[” for APRS Map Icon in the 878’s CPS APRS screen.

Instead of the hiker seen in these SOTA2APRS instructions, I got a wall cloud with an overlaid “H”.

Hiker wall cloud

Any tips?
73, Jon W7SEA

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Looking at:

/[ = Human
\[ = Wall Cloud (the original definition)
B[ = Baby on board (stroller, pram etc)
S[ = Skier      * <= Recommend Special Symbol
R[ = Runner
H[ = Hiker

It looks like you get the wallcloud.

So in the config it should be H and [
But I guess that is what you did?

an H as overlay letter would only happen if you use:


(an H overlay) would mean Hail was:


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I had previously done what you suggested in your graphic: Wall cloud.

I can’t fit two symbols “H[” in the APRS Map Icon field within the CPS programming.

I see.

Could it be that the H has an apostroph ? ’
That would the H = Hail overlay if I understand the document correctly.

I would recommend using the following:
APRS Symbol Table /
APRS Map Icon [
This will create the standard hiker symbol - works fine on my AT878. This is also the symbol ON6ZQ is triggering on.
For reference: This is my most favorite table for APRS symbols.

Edit: Just for the notes, for APRS2SOTA you do not need any special symbol. The spotting is done with APRS messages which do not contain symbols. The symbols are sent in position packets. ON6ZQ looks for position packets nearby a SOTA reference with the hiker symbol and then displays the summit reference in APRS.

73 de Michael, DB7MM


DB7MM, thanks–I got the human symbol using /[ Have you ever used this symbol and had ON6ZQ’s software pick you up near a summit (when you had not posted anything at SOTAWatch)?

@W7SEA Yes, the last time on 8.11.22: DB7MM-7 has triggered display of DM/BM-330 with the red cross. This day I had no alerts/spots in SOTAWatch but was only walking around in the city. Unfortunately there is no easy way to visualize this in aprs.fi. But you can look at the two objects separately:
DB7MM-7 on 8.11.22 and DM/BM-330 red cross.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

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I tried to roughly measure the distance between the summit and your travels and I get something around 3 km… sound right?

It’s about 5 km - I do not know the threshold of distance for displaying the summit object. @ON6ZQ could answer this question.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

it is 10km … according to the post by @ON6ZQ in October 2019:

More info about SOTA2APRS is here:

73 Martin, OE5REO