Hike and Views Laguna Benchmark / Cuyapaipe Mountain W6/SD-009 PCT39.9 Thing Valley Rd

This is a 7.3mi hike with 1,270’ of elevation gain, took us 3h27m to complete. Views all the way to the Salton Sea, and windmills to the South-East. We parked at Redtailed Roost Trailhead, and made our way south to Desert View Rd., then south, and then south again on Thing Valley Rd. We crossed the PCT at about the 39.9mi mark. (Section A.2). The went east on Israelsan Ranch Rd, then located the truck trail that took us to the summit. We saw a concrete castle like fort at the end of Israelsen Ranch Rd as well. At the peak there are some microwave repeaters and maybe some Wifi repeaters, and a radio shack. We found a geocache at the top as well and signed the register. Made 8 QSO’s (contacts) on 2m on the 146.52MHz calling freq, and 6 QSO’s on 40m, and 5 QSO’s on 20m. Furthest QSO was 1,800mi/2,900km to Fennville, Michigan on 20m. Used an Anytone 878 for 2m FM/APRS and an Arrow II 140-3. On HF, used a Yeasu FT-891 (on 50W) with a homemade linked dipole (10m+10m) inverted “V” on a Tacmini 20’ pole and a QRP guys Multi-Z tuner, and a 6Ah LiFePO battery.

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