Highest S2S

And add the height of the Squid pole. Never for get the squid pole!

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Oh goodness - now we are going to play “My squid pole is bigger than your squid pole” :grinning:

Roll-on Winter Bonus season

I can see a whole raft of pole awards. Most compact, most sections, lightest, lightest with most sections etc. etc.

With the revised awards shop activators will be able to add these claims to their awards.

Tin hat on - blatant advert over :grinning:

Or (perhaps in many cases) - most repaired and still in use …

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Mine, which costed me just 14 Euro some years ago and is still in good use, has got several repairs, so I guess it would possibly get pretty high in that ranking, Ed.


I think we need some pole use multipliers. Say, number of activations x number of associations x number of continents.

The pole I’ve just put in a bag has been used in CT3 x2, DM x3, EA8 x5, EI x1, F x3, FL x1, G x2, HB x1, LX x1, OE x1, OK x2, ON x1, PA x1, SP x1 and Europe and Africa.

24 activations x 14 assocs x 2 continents = 672
4581m S2S value
5m pole length

Giving… (4581+5)*672= 3081792pts

Any better scores?


My brain hurts…

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You forgot to factor in how many times it has collapsed on you.

What is the proper term for an intense, irrational fixation on statistics that have dubious meaning? :grinning:


It is called SOTACD




I have certainly made S-2-S QSO’s with fourteeners (over 4,300 meters) with other fourteeners as have K1JD, WG0AT, AD5A, KX0R, N0BCB, to name but a few! - fred KT5X (aka WS0TA)

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