Higher HF band are open every day

Hi all,

Was just checking DXHeat | DXCluster & DX Research Tool
Today at 16:00 UTC


And if you look at SW3 except @K2JB Jim all NA spots are on 20m and down :sleepy:

Worked 3DA0RU on 12m first call with 100w and my Windom antenna !!
I know it’s in AF but days before worked NA on 17m !!

Please try 5 minutes and if no propa work your own internal NA frequencies, but try one time we are all listening :wink:

73 Éric


Yes I am home chasing SOTA EA2GM and LB8CG on 20M. Here in NA 17M is noisy with weaker signals. I wish I was on a summit today!
Mike, WB2FUV


Worked on 17m Paul N1ZF on W4C/WM-011 and AA7OY on W7A/NA-008 not too bad with my Windom :upside_down_face:

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Add Jim @K2JB on 17m W4C/WM-018 :+1: and copied George @KX0R same band but not enough 73

Edit : Pat @WW4D W4G/NG-049 was the last :wink:


Yes, sir! Glad to hear it. Caught J5T on 10, 15 and 12 plus ZD7 on 12 and 3DA0 on 15. Also QSOd with EA8/DL4FO, SOTA yesterday on 15M. Things are looking up !
John, K6YK

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I must have a listen for J5T tomorrow. :slight_smile: My vertical was very noisy today so I will string a dipole up.

For some of us in the northern echelon of Europe (Its grim up north) when EU has gone for their dinners and we can’t hear USA/VE too well and it’s dark on the eastern side of the EU 27 we look to the EA and CT areas in Iberia. Tonight was a good example. As I was cooking the dinner (stir fry with chicken and rice) I nipped into the adjacent shack and snapped up these two beauties:

73 Phil