High Rez Sota Logo Availability?

I have searched every corner of the net that I could think of, and I can not find any high resolution SOTA logos for download. Supposedly a reputable QSL Card printer will have them (I will find out), but where do they get them? And there are so many individual variations. You can’t just say put a SOTA logo on it. You have to be able to identify exactly which one you want.

Are these actually impossible to find, or am I just dense? If they are not freely available to find, is that to protect the logo from unauthorized use? You have to knock on the secret door to be shown the way to the treasure?

Otherwise why not have an easy to find resource page with all available examples owned by SOTA? It should not be this hard.

Glenn AB3TQ

Its perfectly easy to find, Glen, just click on the magnifying glass symbol on the top right hand corner of the reflector page and type in “high resolution SOTA logo” and you find what you need in the second line, but to save you the trouble try:
sota - gw7aav2


Thanks Bria

Perfectly easy? OK. Thanks for the assist. I was well aware of the search feature. It turns out that innocently including or excluding just one keyword (“download” for example), yields a drastically different search result.

There is certainly an opportunity to gather all known freely available Logo offerings in one convenient place, complete with preview images - instead of the disparate “filing system” available now.

I did find some possibilities. I am still not sure I am satisfied. Is that small selection the entirety of the available collection?


…welcome to the internet, Glenn.[quote=“AB3TQ, post:3, topic:15039”]
I did find some possibilities. I am still not sure I am satisfied


There is a very simple reason that the logo is “difficult” to find although, as Brian says, it is easy enough when you know how. The logo is copyright and may not be used for commercial purposes. We allow its use by individuals, such as yourself, for qsl cards and the like but I spend a considrable amount of time protecting the copyright (and the Summits on the Air trademark) of the logo and the trademark from use by commercial organisations.

The use of the logo is the principal source of income for SOTA and without that income the scheme could not remain free at the point of use and the online facilities would not be available.

If you would care to contact me by PM I will try to find what you are looking for

Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager

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Thanks Barry

I did speculate a bit in my opening question about why I was having no luck tracking down even one really good high resolution SOTA Logo file, much less a selection, Heck, I don’t even know what file size is considered good enough to be print quality. But it turns out my guesses about why these were not made more easily accessible was quite close. I would have thought commercial organisations clearly understood trademark law. So they just take it without permission or compensation, and hope nobody notices? Thanks for keeping an eye on them.

I am at the very beginning of the QSL card process. I thought if I could find exactly what I want, that would be one less detail for us to work out. I will now wait and see what my card printer might already have available. I will contact you if that becomes necessary. Thanks for the offer.

Hopefully this discussion can be found by others looking for the same answer. Provided of course that they use the correct search keywords.