High gain handheld antenna

There is a high gain telescopic antenna that will fit most handhelds and I forget what it is called. It was mentioned a while ago but my minds gone blank . It’s to fit my yaesu 25e which has a sma connection.

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RH 770 Diamond antenna !!!

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RH770 - from any of the usual importers or direct from China (Diamond and other companies simply rebadge it as theirs) - make sure you get the right connector though.

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Note: The antenna connection on the Yaesu FT25E radio is a recessed SMA connector, i. e. female thread and male inner conductor. Accordingly the antenna has an external thread and a female inner conductor.

Deploy with care… it’s easy to damage the connector and radio chassis if you use the antenna unsupported.

How can you support the antenna except to pull out carefully?

Or is there any other good high hain antennas worth a think about ?

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I think Andy is referring to how well the antenna 'sits" in the HT’s case. This is a long antenna when pulled out hence if you caught the end on something the moment of force on the antenna socket on the rig is a lot more than from the standard springy “rubber duck” antenna.

I don’t have the same HT as you have and its a matter of how well the antenna “sits” in the socket but overall for any longer solid antenna you just need to be a little careful and remember you could could put more strain on the antenna socket if you are not careful. Take care not to “whack” something (or someone) with the extended antenna and you’ll be fine.

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Two pics of the RH770

Andrew VK1AD

Thanks ed and thanks Andrew for the pictures .

Most the time would be in the clear , while walking be a idea to get a higher gain rubber duck antenna. But the idea is to use on summits like pen y fan etc which can get really busy and no need to set up a mast .

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The version I am using is SMA. You can also purchase a BNC version.

Andrew VK1AD

I could in theory do with both , for 818 and a handheld . Looking at your results on the rig experts looks like the resonant point is slightly lower than your centre point . 146.500 but looks slightly lower for use in uk at 145.500 .

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Another option, which can improve any whip on a HT is to add a counterpoise wire to the earth side of the coax plug (or to the case screw on your FT-818). This may also bring the resonant frequency of the RH-770 down a little.

For the price, I’d say order the RH-770 and see how you go. Everyone that I know that has one, says it makes a BIG improvement over the standard antenna but make sure you disconnect it and pack it away when not in use. Dont leave it on the HT when walking.

73 Ed.

I typically carried mine in my pocket until needed - using the built in whip on the FT1XD until then. However, I bent down to pick something up a couple of days ago and the top and bottom were wedged in my pocket, resulting in it snapping.

Amazing antenna however, I suspect I didn’t have an original Diamond one based on the photos. I managed Lake District to Norfolk with it during a 2m lift recently, 5w.

Another one is on its’ way.


It’s 92cm long when extended and is held by an SMA connector. When it’s extended there is a huge moment on the socket and case and it’s trivially easy to stress the case and connector introducing cracks and fatigue points and premature failure.

They’re great antennas, even the cheapo clones work well, but they need using with care and consideration.

Diamond RH770, 1/2入for 145mhz and 2x5/8入 for 433mhz.
Be very careful with the imitations, I recommend buying it in a Diamond distribuitor or serious HAM-Shop

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I have had much better results with Harvest RH660s. Performance close to a slim-jim and
SWR is almost 1:1. Make sure that you get the original and not a cheap aliexpress copy.

I have been using the 5/8 telescopic whip for 2M on my FT-817 with great success. They are old ones under Vocom and Icom brands.

MFJ makes one as well MFJ-1712


I use the MFJ1714s “Long Ranger” with my Yaesu Vx8.
Longest distance QSO to date was just under 150miles while in CO.

btw… I dont carry it on the Radio, I keep it in a tube made of 1/2" PVC with end caps and just fit it when I need to.

Richard // N2GBR


I too use the Long Ranger but attach it only when needed.


Hi John. Reading the MFJ1712´s data it is a 1/4入 for 2m and 5/8入for 70cm.

I’ve got a RH770 and my HT fell over when I had just placed it down and the two end sections got bent with a kink in them. I can still use the antenna but it does not fold down to its smallest size.

Does anyone know of any stock of the 770 or 660s in the UK? I have tried everywhere but all seem out of stock or are copies. Would this work TengKo RH-660s, it doesn’t get good reviews.