Hi from ON4VT!

Hi all

I’m an experienced WWFF activator and chaser.
Recently joined the SOTA chasers group.
I’m medically disabled (chronic pain patient with a decreased hearing of 40%) and activating SOTA will be maybe too much for me … but enjoy the chasing and reading the reports on the net …
Activating WWF is OK if I’m able to park the car in or just nearby the reference …
Prefering eQSL … see my SOTA and WWFF eQSL pages at www.on4vt.be

73 seeya ON4VT OT4V Danny


Hi Danny good to work you on WWFF thanks for all your activations and if the chance arises be great to work you on SOTA. 73 Don G0RQL.

Hello Danny,
We were very pleased to have your QSO from Mt. Shaw in NH last week and heard you contact W1DMH yesterday as we were doing a S2S with Doug from Oak Hill to Owls Head. Hope to talk with you again.
Merle and Herm

Hi Danny

Thanks for contact whilst I was on Cefn yr Ystrad GW/SW-008 (07/03/2015) and I hope it will be the first of many. Have fun with SOTA.

73 Allan GW4VPX

Thanks Danny for chasing ! We need you to valid our activations. 73 QRO Roger

Hi Danny

Welcome on board. Look forward to working you from a hill top. Are you going to try N-SSTV from the mountains??

73 Glyn

Your pain sounds like what my friend suffers from. A Big word being with F seen her on Good days and the bad days. Not nice at all. But the Sota Bug will give you bit of a Life injection and its big fun too.

Enjoy the bug (Sota).


Welcome to new chaser Danny. I like your e-qsl too.
73 and cu from next summit, Gerald F6HBI

Keep up the FB chase. You have a great signal here on the East Coast. I’ve noticed more activators getting out on the hills since the temps have risen out of the single digits, making chasing all the more exciting. I’ll listen for you on the hills.
Best DX
73- Bob