HF Contest Congestion

The next 4 weekends are going to be pretty congested on the HF bands as we move into the contest season.

This weekend, July 28-29th is the International IOTA contest with the bands filled with hundreds of stations signing /P on SSB and CW from 1200-1200 UTC

August 4th hosts the European HF Championship on CW and SSB

Aug 11-12 is the WAE CW contest

Aug 18-19th is the International Lighthouse weekend.

HF activators may wish to consider using the WARC bands or 5 MHz if necessary during these periods.


In reply to G4SSH:
look like we will get more qso’s on the ssb mode !!!

Tnx for reminding dr Roy,
in fact during those contests it will be best to use the WARC-bands.
(Or just activate during the week, if possible…hi).

Many thanks for the nice QSL-cards!

CU on the band es vy73 de Fritz

Hi Roy,
i try to activate two summits saturday morning before the contest starts.
maybe one or two at sunday afternoon after the contest. if i have only time for sota in the contest time, i will active only on 30m cw…

hpe cu …

vy 73 Klaus

No Activation by bad wx. now seen that wx-forecast says vy rain…

In reply to DF2GN:

OK Klaus. I understand that it all depends on the weather. One thing is for sure, with the effort you take to produce such a good signal into the UK I shall hear you if you ARE active on 30m.

73 Roy

PS Tnx for 30m QSO at 0728z. A bit early for this band with propagation vri poor and much QSB, but QSO was OK.
Better at 0940, and best at 1225. Tnx fer 3 SOTA’s in spite of storms.

By the way your contact with “M0O” at 1207 was our Group’s contest callsign in the IOTA contest, (001) and nothing to do with “Mad Cows”

(Fritz) Tnx for the comments and I am glad you received the QSL’s. 73 Roy

In reply to G4SSH:
Hi Roy,
puhhh, home now again…now i put my feets on my sofa,hi. today i walked a lot south from stuttgart and drived 250km with the car to activate these summits.a 4th summit was planned , but at the beginning from summit nr. 4 my feets cry nooo ;-). i wanted to spotlite , but spotlite dosen´t worked again and i phoned Ralf,who spotted my cancelling in sotawatch then.
thanks also for the 3 qso´s today and also for M0O with ur 001, but at the second over from you a contest-station take place abt. 400hz dwn our qrg with a big big signal…so i missed a little bit from ur over.

at the second summit today i breaked up the activation due to the strong storm comming up.sorry to all ssb-chasers, but with the old and big trees on these summit it was not safe due to parts of the trees fallen to the ground.

if i have time , i will activate again a local summit tmrw afternoon after the contest.next time i will often activate local summits agn , because i don´t want drive so many miles every weekend :wink: so next time not so much uniques , but i hope chasers call me also on my local summits just to do sota. i like the portabel radio and the building from antennas in the field and test these with my homebrew-rigs…

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

P.S. Thanks all chasers who called me on the summits at the german activity-day in june. enough takers for a good ranking…:wink:

In reply to DF2GN:

All understood Klaus. I am very happy to contact you on your local hills, I prefer 10 points to 1 point ! If that suits your plans then I am sure that your loyal band of chasers will be more than satisfied.

Hope to hear from you tomorrow if you can manage a local SOTA