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I’ve done quite a few activations on 2m but I thought that I may try 5MHz and 7MHz in my forthcoming trip to the Lake District. I’ve never done an activation on HF and so I’m a little concerned about antennas. I’m thinking of making an inverted V dipole with the middle supported by my sota pole but I’m concerned about what to do with the ends. Any ideas? What do others use?


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What do others use?

I use a length of nylon string; reef knot to antenna wire at one end, loop for a ground peg at the other, captive wire winder. All knots secured with heat-shrink.
The ends of the wire finish perhaps a little closer to the ground than is ideal, but it seems to work.

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In addition to the long nylon string you could also use your walking poles (if you use them) as end supports for the string. Loop the string around the extended pole leaving enough to guy out in line with the dipole.


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I use an inverted V dipole for 5MHz with links for 7MHz. The apex is at about 4m AGL, supported by a fishing pole. The ends goto small plastic egg insulators then to a 3m length of nylon rope. Try to keep the ends at least 1m from the ground. No problem when you have a fence to tie everything to, harder when you guy the fishing rod. As suggested, walking poles can be use to raise the ends. I use 3.3mm rope, any thinner and it’s very hard to tie when your hands are cold, wearing gloves etc.


In reply to G4ZRZ: Hi Russell. I’ve also just started on HF (you may have read my posting about a failed activation on 10th June and the subsequent discussion). For the time being I’m using a telescopic fishing rod to support the centre of a 7MHz wire dipole. Following information from G3CWI, amoung others, the ends of the dipole are attached with a loop of shock cord to the top of my walking poles at maximum extension to keep them as far above the ground as practical. Using this set-up, and the FT817, I worked 16 QSOs from Swyre Head G/SC-012 on 10th July.

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Dave, M0DFA (2M and above) G6DTN (HF)

Have only done 1 (failed) SOTA activation yet, but have activated Mills and Castles before, and I use a slinky. This is antenna made out of 2 springs, you know the one that you put on top of the stairs and they roll down all by themselves

2 spieces of spring are fed in the middle. The antenna can we hung up as inverted V or flat dipole as you wish, even as a vertical. Mine is tuned for 40M.

The price mentioned on this website is over the top. For someone a bit handy it can be done for less than $10.