HF Amp for FT817

Anyone got any suggestions for a reasonably priced HF amp that will work at QRP input levels. I wanted to build the HF Packer amp, but it’s out of stock.


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Hi Andrew

See here.: http://www.ha5iw.hu/
2-5W in, max 110W out. PTT, RF VOX.
price 36.000 HUF and post
Have PA for FT-817 and Rockmite too.


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Same with Rx/Tx switch, case and filters:

…produces 10W at 12V supply, 20…25W at 2x12V and 50W at 34V.

The push-pull design should give you better efficiency.



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I bought myself a KL150 Linear for my 817 a couple of years ago, these are cheap and while they do work on the higher bands they are somewhat nasty! I wouldnt use one from home, i found i was taking too much gear with me onto summits so i adopted the policy of concentrating on getting the antenna right. Sean M0GIA

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Hi Andrew.
You may google for the RM Italy HLA-300V at $352.00.
I have not used it myself.

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Yeah, I’m not too keen on the RM amps … I agree the antenna route is the way to go.
I was just looking for 10 or 20W … and I’m hankering to build a kit, so looking for an excuse to build something :slight_smile:

Andrew KC2EUS / GM1YMI

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Have a look at John GM8OTI’s homebrew amp for HF. He’s used this on a few SOTA activations.



The HF Pack amp looks easy to knock off. parstandkits.com has 10 watts far $48 plus another $8 per band for the filters. I’ve built their filter kits and their audio amp and I have their 5W cw amp still in the bag. Good items.

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Thanks that looks good, and the right price :wink: