Hermitage Camaldoli, Napoli. I/CA-197. Restricted access and divine intervention!

This is a drive on summit, but I found that there is a catch: and I do not mean just driving in Italy!!! The buildings on the summit were originally a monastery, but I believe are now used as a convent.

There is a truly fantastic viewpoint a short distance through a very fine archway, up a few steps to a lovely walk called The Belvedere. At the end of the walk is a viewing platform which is popular, has spectacular views, park benches and as it is a busy religious site I chose not to activate from this ideal temporary shack. I went back and used the car park which is well within 25 vertical metres of the summit.

But be warned, the large car park has a sturdy electric gate for security. The gate is normally open but closed tonight (26/9/2022) at some time just after 19:00 hours when I was radioing from the car park; hence the hurried activation, sorry about that!

Once I had packed everything away we were stuck inside the locked car park, I assumed we would have to spend the night! However, a young couple had also been walking to the top were also locked in, but they found an intercom which, after quite a long wait, was answered and, as if by a miracle the gate opened, and we went off to have a very fine pizza.


Just to mention I have quite a few new mosquito bites today. It was not a good idea to activate I/CA-197 in shorts, just as darkness is falling.