Here is a film of my SOTA adventures

I tried the word press webpage it was painfully loading for videos, not sure what is wrong there. Here is a link to my video on youtube AC4M SOTA (Summits on the Air) adventures - YouTube I think that is the correct link

Hi Craig,
as your video is over an hour long, the file size would be very large for a Wordpress site. In general, Youtube specialises in video so most of us place our videos there and create a link in a wordpress blog pointing to our video. The link is exactly the one you posted above. Hope that helps.
I haven’t watched your entire video yet but will do so in the next few days.
May I suggest you add a few links to sota resources like in your text description under the video. That will help people find out the sota rules and make connections. Also the mailing lists like nasota could be linked there, though people need to subscribe to join those, it still helps those people who haven’t yet stumbled onto SOTA within the usual ham radio publications and websites.
73 Andrew VK1DA & VK2UH

I could hardly get the webpage to even function correctly, it was over 5mins to try to load and then it was slow at that. Can someone post it for me on the word press? I do have a link under video on youtube and thanks for suggestion 73 AC4M

To post or update a post to a WordPress site, a valid user id and password would be needed, so you’d have to hand over those items to another person.

But I think you may be trying to do something that WordPress won’t let you do anyway, namely to upload a one hour video. Stay with just posting the Youtube link on your wordpress site - that will do exactly what you want.

You will find that even still photos greater than a certain size (basically any greater than screen resolution in pixels) will not be accepted by WordPress. There’s no point uploading huge 18 Mp photos that will be viewed on a 1920 x 1440 pixel screen (ie. 2.7 Mpixel) resolution at best, and some will only be viewed on a 1200 x 600 mobile screen. So even photos should be cut down in size before uploading to a WordPress blog.

Hope this is useful.

Andrew vk1da & vk2uh