Hensbarrow Downs G/DC-008

Hoping to activate G/DC-008 this morning on the trip home. Time not set in stone but between 10:00 and 12:00 UK time. Starting on 2m FM and might move to HF if contacts dry up.



Hi John,

I guess you are aware how alerts (and spots) on Sotawatch work? This would be the better way than starting a new thread on the reflector.
Enjoy the activation :+1:

73 Joe

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This should really be an alert. People don’t read the reflector looking for activation info, they check the alerts table.


Thanks. All noted. No joy on the hill :frowning:

There is a G3 magnetic storm in progress, see the other thread by HB9EAJ


Cheers for the info. I did scan around the HF bands and thought it was quiet.

I was out of the house this morning so couldn’t help. :frowning:

As you will know 2m can be difficult down here - it can be done but generally weekends are better. Alternatively, some advertising on here helps as I’ve discovered. :slight_smile:

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As I pointed out above, that should mean using the Alert system and NOT posting reflector messages (unless it’s a special event or similar).

Id have to disagree. If I’m planning a 2 m activation from a remote location, I’ll occasionally drum up some support by posting a pre-planning post, and tweeting, and messaging everyone I know.

Every little helps!

Of course, now John @M0VAZ will have to write a report to follow up!


I would do the same in case I would anticipate a challenging activation. But in addition to, not instead of posting an alert.