Hensbarrow Downs G/DC-008: Access

Taken from hill-bagging.co.uk

“Should have done some more research on this beforehand. British Lithium have a pilot processing plant just to the NE of Hensbarrow Beacon where they have developed a patented process to produce EV battery grade lithium carbonate this year. On 29June they announced a partnership with local French miner Imerys to develop and expand production in the area. As a result the fp to the west has been closed and security in the viscinity tightened up with van patrols on the tracks. We managed to get to the trig point but no further. As a working day there was a lot of truck traffic on the roads/tracks, so next time we might try on a weekend.”

See Mountain Search for the original.


The north-west corner of the tip is marked as access land and has a portion of the AZ, does the article mention whether this access land is closed?