Hendicks DC30B

Has anyone tried one of these for SOTA? I have ordered a 30m one to play with.



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Looks really interesting! There seems to be an explosion of kits available at the moment. Seriously thinking about ordering an MKARS 80 as reviewed in PW this month. I haven’t built an SSB rig before, but the MKARS 80 seems simple enough to align etc.

Good luck with the kit, wish I could just get good enough on CW to use my RockMite 20!

73 Colin

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I’m thinking of the MKARS 80, too…I wonder if it could be modded for 40 meters?


Brian G8ADD

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If you want something for 40m SSB Brian, have a look at this other Hendricks kit:

(you might need to mod the SSB tuning range slightly)

I built the PFR3 and I’m very pleased with it.

73 Marc G0AZS