Help With Contacting M7RMZ

Do you know Steve M7RMZ?

The MT is trying to contact him so we can help him fix his account. He is not receiving email from us.

He has account access problems, he’s contacted the MT, we’ve replied trying to help, he’s not received any messages. We really need to be able to help him.

So if you know him and maybe can contact him will you let him know we are trying to contact him. Maybe suggest he needs to get an email account that works. Or check the spam/junk mail. :wink:

Seriously, if you can contact him and let him know, the MT would be very appreciative.


Looking on QRZ he says his mentor is G3SES - who has an email address. It might be worth trying this route.

If only we had some form of radio communication method, perhaps using hills to achieve more range.


With 23500 accounts I don’t intend to start chasing too hard after people when their email is broken. If email doesn’t work and disabling their account doesn’t get them in touch with the MT then we may try this route. If that still fails, tough.