Help wanted Please

Ok I see there are certain operators who use C4FM during their travels, and being a chaser would like to have a go at contact but haven’t got a clue how…Sorry
I have an FT991A with C4FM Wires-X, and after reading Tom’s thread I went to CQ-UK but how then do I connect to the Sota channel or room whatever it is. I know it might be simplicity itself to some of you but to me I haven’t a clue so help would be very much appreciated…Thanks

Select the operating frequency, select the mode DN, communicate. The SOTA activity is simplex DV just like simplex FM.

Thanks Richard for your reply…the problem is when I press mode there isn’t a DN mode on the 991a, although when selecting C4FM it automatically goes into DN

That’s what you need to do then. Sounds like you have it cracked. Why not get someone local who has C4FM to make a test contact with you? Where are you located?

Hi Richard am in Dewsbury. Ok Tom EYP is on 144.61250 activating so went to that frequency but had to select c4fm to get DN can’t hear a thing , methinks am doing something wrong

I would not think you are doing anything wrong. He’s not in range of you I expect. Nothing more sinister than that. Test with a local.

ok thanks…best 73 Allen

Hi Allen, as SOTA rules forbid the use of repeaters and chat rooms, fortunately you don’t need to know anything about that stuff. As Richard mentioned, you will use C4FM in simplex mode just like you do on FM to QSO directly with another station.

That’s the disconcerting thing about digital voice modes, it’s dead quiet until another transmitting station is in range. So, on first use of a new rig, you’re not sure if it’s set up correctly.

BTW: I have the opposite problem, having had one or more C4FM QSOs, I sometimes forget to toggle the mode button on my Yaesu Ft1D from DN back to FM, so next time I use the HT, I can’t understand why FM stations aren’t replying to my CQs.

Thanks Andy appreciate you explaining it to me
best 73 Allen

make sure too turn off the ams on the bottom row and select vw on bottom row far left

ah thanks Gary was leaving it on DN

was curious cos on DN couldn’t hear a thing and on normal fm I can usually get into Wales no probs.
Anyways thanks mate 73