Help using Spotlite v2

Hi all,

According to instructions the spotlite direct URL for spoting could be (obtained pressing GET URL)

It works filling the fields but without posting it, what is the direct URL to post it ?


73 de Iñigo EA2CQ

Whilst I have no used Spotlite I would imagine you create a bookmark from the URL after clicking the GET URL button.

Stewart G0LGS

Yes… but when accessing the URL (created by GET URL button ), it does not post it. I think it needs a remaining string to make SUBMIT action.

73 cq

the SPOT button (or ALERT for the alert option) posts it using an HTTP POST action, I assume. You could find out what’s happening using F12 on your desktop browser. If you don’t have a SPOT button, your password may have failed the edit done when you hit GET URL.

Andrew vk1da

Thanks. It is solved.

Now SMSmySOTA also send spots via internet through spotlite.

73 de Iñigo EA2CQ