Help needed to upload chaser CSV file to database

Having to stay at home for a couple of days due to some health problem I want to use the time to update my chaser log after a long time. There are 394 chaser records since 26-July-2017 extracted from my Logger32 main station log using ADIF2SOTA_V4_4 program. I tried to convert the data to the required CSV format to the best of my knowledge (rearranging the columns, substituting semicolons by commas etc). All my efforts to upload the file ended with error message:
An error has occured whilst processing line 1 of the input file.
The error was:
Invalid Line Length. Must be less than 500 and greater than 10 chars
Please ensure the input file is valid SOTA CSV or TSV file.
I need help to find out the right way of conversion. I can send my files to anybody willing to assist.
73, Ruda OK2QA

I’ll have a look.

Send to tommyread (at) hotmail (dot) com


Blank line on the first line? Misplaced newline? Unix or Windows newlines? Text encoding used?