Help from our french/swiss friends please

Lieven ON4CVL a good friend of mine plans a holiday in France and if there’s time he might put on a few summits. But he has a question:

Why is the “Pic de Morclan” on the french swiss border not mentioned in either of the ARM’s? He wonders if the lift going to the top has something to do with it?

Coordinates are: 46.2778NB en 6.8581OL alt.:1970m.

Peter, ON3WAB

In reply to ON3WAB:
Hi Peter,

As many french summits, the “Morclan” is not in the french ARM.
We had to choose to start french SOTA. But it will be possible
to add this summit (as thousand others) to the french list.
Lieven will be able to climb AB-364 or AB-278 wich are very close to
the Pic de Morclan.
Best 73
Alain F6ENO

Ok Alain, tnx for the info. I’ll pass it on