Help for strange call

Can anyone help me to find the correct call for a contact made today during my activation of I/VA-122 (Becca d’Aver). I’ve copied S78DFO at 0904 UTC but sure is wrong. I’m enough sure on the first and suffix letters but I’ve some doubts on second number. The first seems wrong but no idea about. Has anyone of you contacted such call? Thanks in advance for aid.
Claudio IX1IHR

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IZ8DFO? In my activations is often in my logs.
73 Fabio

Grazie Fabio, non ci ero arrivato, pensavo solo all’estero…

The only DFO suffix I could find in the full chaser record for this year is JA1DFO. Looking at the “Show who chased me” on your activator record, there is nothing close. Maybe he/she will log the chase at a later date. Maybe the station you worked is not a Sota person. Looks like the Seychelles, S79. Many, if not all, of them use initials as a suffix, so the operator who called you could be someone like David F. Ordinal, for example. The SOTA association manager in S79 is S79KW, and he also uses his initials for a suffix. I emailed him about this just now.

Elliott, K6EL

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Hello, wait a while, and then look at your log and click on the button ‘Show Who Chased Me’
If he has uploaded the contact, it will appear there.
73 José

If you didn’t get the call correct then it’s not a valid SOTA contact since according to the rules you need callsign and report as a minimum.

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Exactly what I was thinking Colin. I’ve not logged a few because my CW skills could not provide positive ID. Mea culpa. In a couple of SSB cases the other station did not respond to requests to repeat their call. NIL. Not my fault.


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Thanks to all. I was thinking only to foreign chasers (italian are rare)! Sorry Aldo confusing Z with 7 (like the same also written…).

Hi Claudio,

The only S??DFO listed on is SV2DFO

Kind regards
Dave G0ELJ

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I’ve more than once mis-written a call but correctly completed the QSO. Usually it’s because I’ve made one of my Morse flips (D for W, or whatever(*)). I send back exactly what I’ve heard, but write the flip character on paper. Prompted to replay the QSO in my mind, I’ll realise what I did…

(* It’s a bit like confusing written letters like d, b, p and q, but with dits and dahs. Some of the flips I make are weird…)


Hi Rick,
Done that too. I’ve also scrawled the call and then misread my own writing - mode independent snafu.

I guess that’s one reason why I was never called to work as a foreign transmission code monitor. I could have been a MD, I have the writing for it, but engineering had more interest.