Hello from northern Nevada

Nice job Todd - sounds like you’ve “infected” a couple recruits! Maybe we can all get together for an activation party this summer?!

73 Rick WB0USI

Welcome to Sota. A little search on here will find lots of info on powering your rig. I have a ts480 which is on the large hungry side but I started with a 12v 12ah battery a heavy 4kg but could power my rig for a long time. I’m now upgraded to a zippy lipo4 13.2v 4200mah from hobbyking. 500g. Not used in anger yet.

Hi Don, whilst the IC-7000 is not the end all be all of SOTA radios, it is still OK. For batteries I would suggest the 4S LiFePO4 are the most suitable given their fully charged voltage being within the useable voltage range of radios like the IC-7000. For my QRO activations I use an FT-897 with a 4S 8400mAh LiFePO4 battery (usually with a second and even third one as spares): Radio Control Planes, Drones, Cars, FPV, Quadcopters and more - Hobbyking
Noting the lower voltage requirements of the FT817, when I am using that on my QRP activations, I use a 3S LiPo 2500mAh batteries with at most another one as a spare.
For both of these battery types, I use a balanced charger from Turnigy - an older version of this one: Radio Control Planes, Drones, Cars, FPV, Quadcopters and more - Hobbyking
Re your comment about not wanting to offend non CW operators, don’t be worried - there are some who do CW only, some who do phone only and some who do all modes. People are not going to be too worried if you only do CW - you do what you want to do!
The best suggestion I can give is just to get out there and try it - if you can tag along with a more experienced activator for your first activation or two, that will make it all the more easier to learn the ropes and hopefully not have to learn by your mistakes!
In time, you will probably find that a lighter setup will be the way to go - but still, it would be best to get a couple of activations under the belt before you spend too much on gear that you may not need…
As others have warned, be careful, this can be a very addictive part of the hobby!


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Thanks Matt. That is the info I was looking for. Much appreciated!

Also, Gene - W6JMP was the poster who said he was exclusively a CW’er. I’m exclusively a Phone guy…

No worries Don - happy to help out where I can.

Ooops on the CW/phone comment. Maybe you guys can get together for joint activations - one does CW and the other does phone, something that a number of the VK3 guys have been doing of late.


Heh! I’m obsessive enough as it is (and, in a past life I was a software developer with way too much experience of creeping requirements). I try to make sure I know where the line really is, then scrub the unnecessary stuff from the list, and whack anything that tries to creep back in. If I didn’t I’d never get anything done…

Thanks Rick- I need to adopt that policy, I tend to take things too literally :wink: I’m still hoping to hear some of you folks in the UK - I know a path to CA will open one of these days. Have you ever contacted folks on the US West Coast?

73 Rick (also) WB0USI