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Hello from M6IIE

Hello all

Just recently passed my foundation and iam looking to do my first activation (tomorrow). I have a choice of three bands to work 15 ,17 or ,20 any suggestion which would be the best to started with as i know 20 can get bogged down with contest.

Any info would be great.

73 Rob M6IIE

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Hi Rob
Welcome to the world of Sota, I look forward to hearing you tomorrow, the bands you use are your choice, 40 has been open all day today into G, but 20 may be better for further afield .
Cheers Ken G0FEX

Hi Rob

Welcome to SOTA and well done on passing the Foundation. From your QRZ.com page it looks as if you have already been active on the hills and mountains so good luck tomorrow.

You haven’t said or alerted on Sotawatch as to which summit you intend to activate tomorrow so don’t forget as it will increase your chances of a successful day. Also, don’t forget 2m as you maybe on a summit which has good VHF coverage even for a handheld. Sorry I won’t be around tomorrow but looking forward to getting you summit to summit sometime this year. Take care and be warned it can be addictive :slight_smile:

73 Allan GW4VPX


Be prepared to work down to 40m. Is there a restriction with your gear?
Dont expect magic on 15, 17 :slight_smile:

Ello there.

Best bet at mo is about 14285 or close by as Sota reg use those freq 17 and 15 don’t expect much but give it a try but 40m would be better 7118 is uasal freq but if you do get on 40m try 7160 call into the WAB net but work out your WAB square you be operating from found on the summit information of Sota.

Will listen out for you tomorrow

M3FEH karl

Aye up gents thanks for the info , its just about getting on the hill and having a shake out and feel for bands . At the mo I only have a band hopper 15 17 20 so yes slight restriction . Will post later in s watch when I see the latest Wfc,. Not really had time to study all the regs so any info on avoiding the pitfalls would be great . Just need to choose a band to work



Weather Forcast

Ah. You’ll find amateurs use WX for weather. In fact, it is used by amateurs who do not speak English and is understood by people who use different alphabets as well.

Anyway, you really do need to read the rules. There is a fair amount to work through unfortunately. But certainly the section on what constitutes a valid activation should be read. You’ll make mistakes at first, everyone does, it’s part of the learning process. I saw some pictures of station setups out in the wilds you posted. It’s always worth practicing the station setup so you can ensure you do not forget anything but it looks like you’ve done that bit already.

If you’re an outdoor type already then you’ll know about how the weather changes quickly in the UK and weather conditions on mountains in Winter etc. So the only thing is to stress you don’t need to take any risks just for a hobby. Don’t be a statistic!

Right, have fun when you get out. Take the walking/hill climbing seriously and the radio will look after itself.

Welcome to the merry band (pun intended) Rob. Merseyside a super spot to be based for SOTA - North and Mid Wales, South and North Pennines and the Lake District all in striking range. Look forward to hearing you S2S. As Allan says - don’t forget the handie for 2M FM.
73 Gerald MW0WML

Little Vid from today First outing



Well done.

I see that you had some weather, and rather a lot of it, too !

Aye up John,

Weather!! it never stopped apart from sun popping out on the way home !

Yes, the weather is not a coincidence, you know.

I believe that the SOTA management team arrange the weather to be like this - on every activation!

They are a hard working bunch.

Nice one Rob. Welcome to the world of SOTA. Good to see that you are happy to bear what the weather throws at you. It certainly looked worse than when I activated SP-014, but some others in that area were similarly inclement… don’t mention SP-006. :slight_smile:

Hope to work you on a summit sometime.

73, Gerald G4OIG

Great first activation Rob. Welcome to SOTA activating. You seem suited to its demands. Enjoy it. 73 John.

Well done on coping with the awful weather that seems to be around this year. I hope you can be enticed onto 2m fm (and even 70cm??) sometime so we can have a s2s. Even a handy with a stick aerial will do if we are near enough. Listening on 145.500 as you walk up quite often results in a s2s before you’ve even erected the aerial or got out the ‘big’ radio. Be warned! Collecting s2s can be even more addictive than gaining SOTA points! I look forward to seeing more of your adventures in the near future.
Viki M6BWA

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the contact & well done on your first activation.

Nice video too, sorry you didn’t have good weather, the view North from there towards Fair Snape Fell is one of my favourites.

Thanks & 73,

Mark G0VOF

Only for the first four or fiveactivations - we want to make sure the Activator is serious about their involvment :grinning:

Hi Rob
A great start to your SOTA career! Good luck with your future activations and don’t forget the Blackpool Rally at the Norbeck Hotel if you can make it. You will meet many SOTA activators and chasers on 9 April 2017.

Nick G4OOE