Hello from another type of South West

G’day all, Michael VK6MMB here. New ham and just getting started into SOTA. Was introduced to it by VK6MB, who is also a Michael. We both live in Manjimup WA (OF85bs70 for me).

I’m looking forward to getting out and activating VK6 now we are associated.

For info I’m ex Royal Australian Navy and a Sonar Tech by trade…so Radio is a nice change of pace.

Hopefully I shall catch you all down the curly cord.


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G Day Michael hope to make some s2s contacts one day.
My next summit is on 28th of October in the morning some time.
But I will have to make it my last for the year as it gets too hot and dry out on summits in vk5 during summer.
I have made contact with vk6mb lots of times when he is chasing from home.
I hope SOTA becomes popular in the west 73 de Ian vk5cz …

Hello and welcome to SOTA, Michael, we all wish you enjoy it!
73 from another Mikel

PD: Ian, sad to read that the next summit will be the last of the year, hope new S2S with you next one! Take care OM :smile: