Headset suggestions

Looking for suggestions for a headset and mic combo for SOTA and POTA. Should be able to work with an FT818 and 891 using the proper adapter. FT60 compatibility would be a plus.

Have you considered using ear buds? Advantages:

  1. Lightweight
  2. Difficult/impossible to crush/ break
  3. Usable year-round. In winter, my hat/headband fit over the buds just fine, and help hold them in place.

Historically I have NOT been a fan of ear buds, as they tend to be too large and uncomfortable for me. However, this past year I tried the pair of buds that came with my Meze audio 'phones and was delighted to learn that the flexible/moldable ear pieces fit my ears perfectly. I’ve since traded them out for another similar pair (and use the Mezes with my DAP).

I seldom operate other than CW, but both bud sets are usable on SSB if I activate VOX and set my VOX gain properly in the KX3. I have an adapter cable from another 'phone set that splits the mic/audio into separate plugs for the appropriate KX3 jacks on the side. Works fine, and provides a backup mode at no extra (weight) charge in case my paddles die.

I am not familiar with the FT series but would be surprised if you weren’t able to use the same/similar buds easily.

73 Paula k9ir

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