Heads up to ON5UP´s activation in DM/BW-054

Hello everyone,

I worked André, DL/ON5UP/P this morning, activating DM/BW-054, on 20 meters. Whilst consulting the spots listing, my eye caught a spot for DL/ON4UN/P in DM/BW-054, which many of you might know, it would be impossible, since John is SK since 2020.

I tried to look up André´s email on qrz.com, but it is not listed. So here is the warning, for both those who might have logged the contact with the wrong callsign as well as to ON5UP.

73 de Paulo, CT2IWW


It’s DL/ON4UP/P Peter Paulo, I didn’t see the spot. I met SK ON4UN John several times in the 1980s and 1990s at DX Conventions and still have a couple of his excellent books on 80m and 160m LF DXing.

73 Phil

PS I was too late in the shack to work either Peter or Franz this morning. If only I hadn’t taken that shower…